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Healthy Baked Fries

There is an important logical chain that you need to understand about this recipe before we begin:

♥ French fries are delicious

♥ Baking is healthier than frying

♥ Enjoying Earth’s french fries are baked

♥ Enjoying Earth’s french fries are delicious and healthy

Baking these fries is really one of the easiest healthy food swaps. I make it a goal here to seek out the yummiest and the healthiest foods to share with you, and this baked french fry recipe is one that I have worked on for a while without sharing because I wanted to perfect the technique to make it as yummy and as healthy as possible. After figuring out a great method and trying out the completed recipe MANY times, I finally took photos before eating them all I finally decided that it was ready to share.


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Potato + Corn Chowder

With my 20th birthday coming up, it is time for me to reflect on the last year and prepare myself for a new one. This year has been the most drastically different year from the rest of my entire life, and it has been my most emotionally difficult year so far.

My favorite number has been 19 since I was about six and had a dream about being 19 years old. It was the magical number of my childhood, and I always looked forward to it with great expectations. That would be the year that I would do something great. That would be the best year of my life, where I would have good friends and I would do every single thing that made me happy. Surely, nothing could stand in my way. 19 was such a magnificent seeming age. I would no longer be a child, but I would not yet be burdened with the responsibility of adulthood.

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