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Vegan Dr. Seuss Cupcakes

I love these a little bit too much.

Their recipe also comes with a fun story about bloggers and family! Here it is:

When my mom was young, my grandma babysat another young girl named Becky Sue. From the stories that I have heard all of my life, my mom and she spent a LOT of time together, to the point of near sisterhood status in their youth. So much that they are still Facebook friends with her after all these years of moving to different cities and different states and all these years without seeing one another.

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Peanut Butter Cup Cupcakes

Let’s firstly send a huge thank you to The Viet Vegan for the delicious peanut butter cup recipe that made these cupcakes possible.

I have made this recipe three times consistently, and it is pretty reliable. I would love to have shared it with you all earlier, but they were just so good that we kept eating them all…

Even with this batch, I made 12 and told Mitch that I needed at least 8 for pictures. The next morning, I had six left. The morning after that (the day I finally had time to take some pictures), I had four sad little spared cupcakes.

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