coconut sugar

Super Simple Oatmeal

This recipe is super simple, and it is my go-to for breakfast. I recently read and article by a man who went on a spiritual buddhist-inspired retreat, and he commented that during it they always ate oatmeal/porridge for breakfast because it was simple, nutritious, and filling. I loved that idea, so I have been incorporating oatmeal into my breakfast routine more and more. During the morning time, I’m not really looking for something spectacular or taste-bud-alteringly delicious, but I was afraid of maybe becoming bored of the meal if I had it every day.


Vegan Coconut Cake

This cake is both the most decadent and the most nutritionally detrimental item I have ever made before. I should make a warning that you should only ever make it for special occasions because otherwise you might explode from eating all of the junk in here. It really is sinfully good, though.

I created this recipe impulsively while entertaining the possibility of making my own wedding cake someday. For the last year or so of our relationship, Mitch and I have planned to have a wedding on the same day that we first confessed our love for one another: November 8th. As time marches on, we lean more and more toward November 8th of next year but sometimes I get this devilish little spark of spontaneity, and I came up to him shortly before this cake was baked to ask him if we could just get married this November. As in we only have 8 weeks to plan and budget. I thought that the breaking point for our budget would be the cake, so if I made it myself we would clearly be fine.


Chocolate, Cranberry, Oatmeal Cookies (Vegan)

They are the softest, flavorfullest, yummiest cookies ever. And they are packed with fruit, nuts, and oats too!

They taste like Christmas with their chocolate, sugar, and cinnamon combo. In fact, I just might need to make them for a holiday party this year.

Last year for one of the holiday parties with Mitchy’s family, I attempted a stuffed mushroom dish that turned out embarrassingly badly. The mushrooms became cold and soggy, and the taste was too bitter. It was pretty terrible, and even though a few people tried them out of pity, they were pretty awful. Sometimes you hit, and sometimes you miss, eh?


Vegan Strawberry Coffee Cake

In one word? Scrumptious.

The strawberries are tart, the crust is soft and warm, and the topping is sugary and earthy. They are very dense, so it doesn’t take too much to make the world a happy place for you. Personally, I enjoy mine with hot cocoa. I have never really had a taste for coffee, but I will bake coffee cake all day long if it gives me an excuse to drink more hot chocolate.