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Falafel Burger w/ Tahini Sauce

You have no idea how excited I am to share this recipe with you. I think that’s how I know for sure that I’m on the right path here with blogging, because I fricken love sharing recipes with you all.

The idea for the falafel burger came to me like most things: suddenly, when I wasn’t even thinking about food at all. My mind just whispered those two words together, “falafel burger,” and I responded aloud “YASSSS.”


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Healthy Baked Fries

There is an important logical chain that you need to understand about this recipe before we begin:

♥ French fries are delicious

♥ Baking is healthier than frying

♥ Enjoying Earth’s french fries are baked

♥ Enjoying Earth’s french fries are delicious and healthy

Baking these fries is really one of the easiest healthy food swaps. I make it a goal here to seek out the yummiest and the healthiest foods to share with you, and this baked french fry recipe is one that I have worked on for a while without sharing because I wanted to perfect the technique to make it as yummy and as healthy as possible. After figuring out a great method and trying out the completed recipe MANY times, I finally took photos before eating them all I finally decided that it was ready to share.


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