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October 1, 2015 Lunch + Dinner, Recipes

I have been working through something very difficult for the last few days, and I think it’s finally time to admit it and talk through it with you all.

I originally wanted to publish a post on Monday. As in three days ago. But something occurred on Sunday that I couldn’t have prepared myself for and that I couldn’t have set time aside for beforehand. You see, on Sunday afternoon I finally logged into Netflix for the first time on my own, and I lost a battle with my curiosity.

I began the first season of American Horror Story.

There, I said it.

I began the first season of American Horror Story on Sunday, and I finished the second season on Tuesday. I didn’t even realize that it was possible to watch two seasons of a show in three days. I mean, I have heard about it happening to other people, but I never knew that it could happen to me.




You also have to understand that I haven’t been fully invested (or even remotely invested) in a television show since the LOST series. And when was that? Like 10 years ago? I usually just listen to shows that are on in the background if Mitch is watching something, but I don’t really become addicted to things like this. Even with video games or phone apps that are designed to make you addicted, I pretty rarely get caught up in them. But I became completely absorbed in American Horror Story. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, and I just wanted to watch more and more.


Luckily, once I finished the second season I gained some willpower and told myself that I had to take a break. (edit: I finished all four seasons in less than a week after posting this.) And I had a bit of a detox all of Wednesday while I converted back to real life from AHS life, featuring the classic withdrawal symptoms of depression, confusion, and dissatisfaction. Later that night, I was finally able to be reunited with two of my favorite people, Mitchy and my little sister Angel, and their presence guided me easily back into my wonderful life– ya know, that life without any maniacs or ghosts or murder. They reminded me of all my reasons to laugh and love and wonder and think, and I am so grateful for them.


During this roller coaster of emotional and mental stability, I didn’t have much time or will to prepare meals, but if I had been able to prepare anything it probably would have been a wrap. Wraps are great because of how inherently modifiable they are and how easy they are to throw together.

My step dad taught us the art of wraps when we were younger, and he always encouraged us to pack them with as many of our favorite veggies as we could. Without that influence, I would never eat red peppers, and for the most part I am still only willing to eat them in my wraps. I know that they are usually simple, but I thought I’d tell you all about my favorite things to put on my wraps, just in case you are looking for some ideas. Please let me know what you like on your wraps too, as I am always looking for new fillings!






Here are my absolute favorite things to put on my wraps as of right now:

♥ Hummus

♥ Avocado

♥ Red peppers

♥ Olives

♥ Artichoke hearts

♥ Pickled beets

♥ Spinach

♥ Alfalfa sprouts

♥ Shredded carrot

♥ Shredded zucchini

♥ Black beans

♥ Falafel

♥ Roasted Chickpeas

♥ Vegan Ranch

♥ Balsamic vinaigrette

♥ Frank’s Red Hot sauce


Let me know what you think, let me know what you like, and thank you so so much for stopping by!


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