Gingerbread Pancakes

I feel like with every new recipe I create, it becomes my new favorite recipe. I have been kinda poopy at giving you solid holiday recipes, so I sat down the other day and decided that I would need to think of something fun. I didn’t have to think for too long because the idea of a gingerbread pancake came to me immediately. I have been craving pancakes lately so it doesn’t take too much introspection to realize where the idea came from.

When I thought of making them, I was still packing up at home for our road trip back to Washington for the holidays, and I did not have time to try them out there, so I just started my grocery list for the things I thought I’d need, I packed a little gingerbread man cookie cutter to try experimenting with gingerbread man pancakes (total fail), and I talked to Mitch all throughout the road trip about the things I would try with it. What a good sport he is when I’m excited about a recipe.



Falafel Burger w/ Tahini Sauce

You have no idea how excited I am to share this recipe with you. I think that’s how I know for sure that I’m on the right path here with blogging, because I fricken love sharing recipes with you all.

The idea for the falafel burger came to me like most things: suddenly, when I wasn’t even thinking about food at all. My mind just whispered those two words together, “falafel burger,” and I responded aloud “YASSSS.”



Chocolate Chip Oatmeal

Alright, friends. I have just one more final to do today, and then I’m off to Christmas break. Woot!

It is definitely a change of pace to be at college, as opposed to going to work every day like I did prior to this. Honestly, I am so glad that I decided to go back to school. I have been able to think more and more about what I truly want to be in life, and I am giving myself the opportunity to do it. But that is just the logical reason that I’m glad to be in school. The real reason I’m glad is because, without a perfectly clear-cut reason, I am so much happier now. I feel like I am exactly where I am supposed to be in my life, and I feel like I am in control of my fate. I am so happy to be surrounded by likeminded people in my classes, to engage in mentally stimulating activities, and to be investing in myself rather than aimlessly and numbly going to work at a dead-end job.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that all jobs without education are dead-end (or that jobs that require education aren’t) but for me and the particular job I was around the particular people I was working with, I felt truly and deeply depressed. I was in a hole for those two years that I felt I was constantly digging myself out of, and I am so so happy to finally feel free. And I do feel free. I sing and dance for no reason, I take naps at my convenience and wake up feeling refreshed and open, and when I have clear free time (or sometimes when I procrastinate) I get to do something that I really love doing: blogging. I get to make new recipes, dance around the kitchen getting everything together and then cleaning it all up, try delicious food combinations, test lighting and angles in my food photography, and share this beautiful vegan lifestyle with all of you wonderful people. (more…)

Healthy Beet Hummus


I LOVE December. I love snow, I love Christmas, I love hot chocolate, I love sledding, I love coats and scarves and gloves. It is the best time of the year. This year, December is a little bit different for me because I am in California where there is no snow, so there is no need for hot chocolate, sledding, coats, scarves, or gloves. Literally, today’s high is 70 degrees. I am probably the only one complaining about it, too. (more…)