Healthy Baked Taco Dip

I know that tomorrow is a celebratory time for many people, and I made a baked taco dip for all of my fellow taco-lovers out there to help with the festivities, but unfortunately in this time of celebration, my community is also enduring a time of healing from losing a beautiful soul yesterday morning.

I was not the closest I could have been to him, and I do not feel the pain of his loss as deeply as do some of my close friends, and so I hope to serve them in their healing process and to help him survive in their memories and in the love that the community is sharing for him. (more…)

Simple Tofu Chow Mein

I have a confession.

When I wrote down my new years resolutions a few days ago, I omitted one of the most personal goals I have for this year: to improve and expand Enjoying Earth. I omitted this goal because it felt too scary to actually write it down where others could see and track my progress. Throughout the life of this blog, I have allowed the confines of my self-prescribed limits dictate how successful I can be and how much I am allowed to share here. I have let my self-conscious worries manifest in a barrier that I use to shield myself from others seeing those parts that worry me. Only recently have I realized (poo on that! I’m STILL realizing) that my barrier has surely kept out those who might judge me, but it has also detrimentally kept out those who might connect with me. (more…)

Eight Smoothie Recipes You Haven’t Already Tried

How is everyone’s Veganuary going? We are wrapping the month up here, so I thought I’d give you some last-minute inspiration for if you need a little boost to get you back in the game. I remember that when I first went vegan, smoothies were the easiest and most delicious addition I made to my diet, but after a while it’s easy to run out of recipes. That desire for something new and fun is what has inspired these eight smoothie recipes over time. Check ’em out below!


2017 New Years Resolutions

Alright, so it’s January 20th and I just decided on my New Years resolutions yesterday. But my theme of this year is self love, so I forgive myself for my late blooming.

I think that a big problem for me with New Year resolutions is that I forget about them until 11:59pm on December 31st. So in that one minute, I try to think of something that would really make me proud of myself, but not always something that is really achievable. Then, for the next two weeks after the new year, I try to reconcile with the fact that I can’t really achieve my goal, going through some disappointment and sadness, and I have noticed a pattern that has emerged in my lifetime. I have consistently made big decisions for my life in late January. I decided that I wanted to marry Mitch on January 22nd the January after we met, I decided to become vegan in late January of 2015, I decided to go back to college in late January last year. I think that all of the “New Years Resolution” talk around the beginning of the month gets me thinking, and then I finally decide on something a little later in the month.