My Minimalist Journey

August 2, 2017 Minimalism

Hi friends! If you’re thinking “Wow, Kassy has been MIA for a while,” then you’re right! I have had a lot of life adjustments in the last few months, including moving twice, gaining two new friends and roommates, completing my first year of college, and in the process of all of that, I decided to downsize and minimize a LOT of my material possessions.

Actually, I’m skipping over a big (kind of embarrassing) detail about why I downsized so much. See, Mitch and I have been living down here in California for about a year now, going to school, meeting new people, and spending a butt ton on rent. Toward the end of our school year, we realized that we really needed to readjust our costs to keep afloat in the future, and the best way we thought to do that was to move out of the very expensive apartment we were living in. In an attempt to lower our rent costs as much as we possibly could, we started looking at unconventional housing options– why spend so much on rent if we care a lot less about the kind of place we live in and a lot more about the kind of places we could spend money going to with friends instead?

One simple day, we landed on the idea of getting a trailer (SPOILER: WE DIDN’T). We kind of loved the idea. We could buy a trailer, make it our own, park it at a campsite or a trailer park, and live in our tiny little home. In an attempt to pursue this dream, we realized that trailers are indeed tiny. So we decided pursue a back-burner dream of ours: to become hippy minimalists who live in a trailer and eat vegan food.

Over the next month, I really fell in love with the minimalism idea and felt like it aligned with so many things that I agree with and love already. The trailer idea didn’t work out the way we anticipated, and ultimately we moved into an apartments with two new rad roommates, but the minimalist journey continued for me. Before that point, I had been an absolute clothes junkie. I probably went shopping about once a week and every time seemed like a haul. It was always mindless, and  looking back I didn’t really enjoy the experience of shopping very much, but rather I enjoyed daydreaming about my future where I would wear the items I had in my cart, where I would look fabulous and fashionable and be the woman of my dreams. Shopping was also my way of “getting out of the house.” I felt like I was doing something valuable by adding to my wardrobe and simultaneously finding a hobby that I could do when I felt lonely or bored without needing or depending on anyone else. My dependence on shopping is so destructive, though. It always made my feel a little empty at the end of the night after shopping, because regardless of the number of clothes I had, I still didn’t’t feel satisfied. I’ve wasted money, time, and effort on it, and boy has it been a learning experience for me. And I say that my dependence “is” destructive instead of “was” because I don’t think that my dependence on shopping is even nearly solved. I still get the urge almost every day to go out and get something, and I work every day to channel what is often my loneliness or boredom into something more productive and fulfilling.

Today, I really only have a small fraction of the clothes that I used to own, with only eight shirts, five pairs of pants, two dresses, two rompers, and a few outfits for work and for the gym. So far, this more minimal lifestyle feels so so good. Though clothes were the hardest and most complicated items that I got rid of, it wasn’t only our wardrobes that we minimized. We ended up taking four or five packed-to-the-brim-with-boxes-on-our-laps trips to Goodwill, dropping off about 80% of our furniture, dishes (even my blogging dishes!), books, towels, bathroom products, and knick knacks. I can’t say exactly how I will feel in the future, but I know that right now, today, I feel good. I feel lighter. I feel like I am doing something good for the world by stopping my clothes habits and creating even more demand for more products. I feel like I’m able to focus more on the things I’m doing than the things I have. I have gone to the gym more. I have gone swimming more. I have read more. I have eaten better. I feel okay. I feel good.

If you’ve experienced a steep downsizing or minimized in your life, what was it like for you? How are you feeling now? Let me know!

Love and peace to you.

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