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I’m so excited for this post. Mitch just commented that I haven’t been this hyped about a post since my minimalist guide from a few weeks ago, and he is totally right because I am so so passionate and excited about this topic. I feel so happy and free in my little minimalist life over here, and one area that I feel the most free in is minimalist traveling. While traveling in the past, I have felt distinctly frustrated while clumsily rushing through an airport while trying to balance the multitude of bags, blankets, pillows, food, water bottles, and sweaters that my friends and I bring with us. It’s always felt like it is simply not worth it to carry so much with me, and packing lighter has been a dream come true for me. Now when I walk through the airport, I have only my backpack on my back, and my hands are free to carry any food I pick up or to carry my water bottle (because if you know me, you know I always have my water bottle in my hand– damn that water stuff is good).

Below is exactly what I packed for the trip that I’m currently on, up in Washington, so I packed a lttle warmer than I would for other trips. Even with a sweater and a blanket for the airplane (not pictured), it was a roomy fit in my backpack. For some items, like the shoes, I simply wore them so there was no need to keep room for them in my backpack. And remember that I wore an entirely separate outfit on the day of the trip, so I essentially have one more outfit that is unaccounted for in this photo.




A couple more quick things to remember: I am traveling for nine days on this trip, including the two days of traveling, so I am definitely planning to rewear a couple of these clothing items. I am purposefully packing items that I can easily mix and match, e.g. all of my pants are high rise, and all of my shirts are crop tops, so they can easily be exchanged for one another. Also, I do have access to a washer and dryer because I’m staying in my in-laws’ house, so I do plan to wash my clothes midway through the trip, extending the life of the clothes that I pack.

If you want to use this as a minimalist traveling guide for yourself and your next trip, save this PDF and check off items as you pack them. These are what I consider to be my absolute essentials, but yours may vary from mine. Happy packing, and happy minimizing!







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