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How to Make: Hemp Milk

What is the deal with calling nut milk “mylk”? I get the whole differentiation thing so as it is not confused with dairy milk, in the same way that “cheeze” isn’t confused with dairy cheese. But I don’t really like to do that. There are plenty of sources of milk (cows, goats, humans) that we all call milk, and we are just introducing plant-based sources of the same product. So I’m gonna stick with calling it milk. That’s what I think about it, anyway.

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Coconut Berry Smoothie

This recipe is so so simple, and I love it.

I love the feeling of eating something delicious that I know is good for me. It almost feels naughty to eat delicious food, even when I now it’s filled with nutritional value.

The fear of eating good food always appears for me while drinking smoothies, and I know that I need to get over that feeling so that I can continue eating healthful foods. I even feel bad eating nice cream or roasted vegetables sometimes because they are just too darned yummy! Does anyone else get this way?

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