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Vegan Quinoa Rice Bowl

Quinoa Rice Bowl

I have had a very focused mind on the health of my food lately, and I think that it has been affecting almost every aspect of my life. I have realized that there is no reason for me to fill my body with foods that I can easily become addicted to that aren’t good for me. It just ends up making me feel awful later. So I have been almost exclusively eating fruits, vegetables, and grains/rice for my meals, and I have been consciously stopping myself from over eating/eating until I’m bursting at the seams, and I have noticed a few important differences in myself since these changes:

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Raw + Vegan Curry

I am getting REALLY into this whole raw foods thing. I have been eating raw taco salads, raw pad thai, raw apple pie, lots of raw nice cream, and a lot of additional raw fruits and vegetables with my meals. Check out my Instagram or Twitter to see all of it!

One of the things I memorialized in my phone the other day was the idea for “raw curry,” and this morning I made some.

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