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Almond Nice Cream

The best part about nice cream is that it can easily be turned into a smoothie with just about 1/4-cup more of liquid.

This recipe I’m sharing with you today is especially important to me because I have it pretty much every single morning for breakfast. It is the most delicious of all the smoothies and nice creams in the world. On the day that I first discovered this magical combination of foods, I had about three of these smoothies, and I decided to share the last one with Mitch, and we fought over it the entire time.

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Simple Tofu Scramble

This really is a simple recipe. I mean, it’s not even really so much a recipe as much as it is a source to know what yummy stuff I suggest putting in your tofu scramble.

You really can put whatever you want to in there! I seemed to get a great response from everyone when I put the simple hummus wrap suggestions up, so I thought that I would do something like that again here.

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Chocolate + Orange Biscotti

Biscotti is so dang fancy. It makes me feel like a sophisticated, novel-writing coffee connoisseur who folds her legs delicately at the ankles and always holds her pinky up while drinking her tea cup.

But most of the time, I’m not fancy enough for a beautiful coffee-shop image. I like biscotti with a big cup of hot chocolate while I’m wrapped in a warm blanket against a heater (I know its a fire hazard, mom). I like snuggling up with a good book and feeling fancy in my own comfy way.

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Super Simple Oatmeal

This recipe is super simple, and it is my go-to for breakfast. I recently read and article by a man who went on a spiritual buddhist-inspired retreat, and he commented that during it they always ate oatmeal/porridge for breakfast because it was simple, nutritious, and filling. I loved that idea, so I have been incorporating oatmeal into my breakfast routine more and more. During the morning time, I’m not really looking for something spectacular or taste-bud-alteringly delicious, but I was afraid of maybe becoming bored of the meal if I had it every day.

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