Minimalist Packing List

September 22, 2017 Minimalism

Peeeeeeps! I’m so excited for this post. Mitch just commented that I haven’t been this hyped about a post since my minimalist guide from a few weeks ago, and he is totally right because I am so so passionate and excited about this topic. I feel so happy and free in my little minimalist life over here, and one area that I feel the most free in is minimalist traveling. While traveling in the past, I have felt distinctly frustratedRead More

How to Minimize Your Wardrobe

August 31, 2017 Minimalism

Howdy, friends! Welcome back! This one goes out to all the folks who read my last post and realized that their true calling was to become a minimalist, or to all those who just read whatever I post to keep up with me (Hi mom!). So You’ve Decided to Minimize Your Wardrobe Minimalism is not about downsizing your belongings so much that you cross the line into being a cool kid, bragging that you only own five articles of clothing,Read More

My Minimalist Journey

August 2, 2017 Minimalism

Hi friends! If you’re thinking “Wow, Kassy has been MIA for a while,” then you’re right! I have had a lot of life adjustments in the last few months, including moving twice, gaining two new friends and roommates, completing my first year of college, and in the process of all of that, I decided to downsize and minimize a LOT of my material possessions. Actually, I’m skipping over a big (kind of embarrassing) detail about why I downsized so much.Read More